Friday, June 10, 2011

Update and More Pictures! :)

So, here are some more updates on what has been happening here in South Asia.

Our English class is going well-- we are enjoying our students and hope that they are enjoying us. We are able to have good discussions with them because they speak English well.

We are learning the art of Henna and are planning to weave stories into them, which I am really excited about because not only do I get to story, which I love, I also get to use some art! It is definitely harder than I thought, though-- it is much different than holding a pencil or paintbrush-- it is almost like you are doing cake piping. I am hoping to get really good at it (well, good for an American, lol) before I leave.

Here are some pictures from the last few days:

I took the last two because I thought the architecture was really cool and beautiful. :)

You know you're in South Asia when... your BBQ sauce at McDonald's expired 3 months ago and you're not worried because it hasn't been more than 6 months, lol. 

The next several pics are of our Henna storying party-- it was SO much fun! :)

Getting Henna done-- I was brave and let L. practice on me, lol-- she did an amazing job, by the way! :)

My hand! Doesn't it look awesome? Woven into it is the story found in The Beginning! See if you can figure it out! :) 

Even though I love to draw, it is really different and much harder than drawing or painting, so I was not brave enough to do it on someone's hand. Instead, I practiced on paper. Here is my first attempt. Not bad, I guess. :)

My hand-- the finished product! This will stay on for about two weeks before it comes off completely. :)

Anyway, it is late, so I am going to bed. Hope everyone is doing well!


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